Ocean Container Shipping
Rail Transport
Truck Transport
Trans Loading
  • - Full logistics management services using all ocean carriers to global destinations
    - Competitive rates with guaranteed space and equipment
    - Quality customer service with tracking and tracing of shipments
    - Customs clearance services at destinations
  • - Managing export logistics services with any North American rail carriers
    - Precision tracking and tracing from origin to transloaders and ocean container ports
  • - Complete truck dispatch of rail, intermodal, and ocean container equipment to North American ports
    - Drayage of ocean containers to rail yards or ports
    - Precision scheduling with on time customer notifications
  • - Coordination of trucks and rail cars from origin to transloading facilities
    - Transfer of bulk or bag commodities into ocean containers
    - On-time deliveries of loaded containers to the ports
  • - Managing incoming shipments into warehouses
    - Packaging of bulk commodities into bags
    - Inspection, labeling, and tagging
    - Palletizing cargo for storage
    - Certifications provided for condition, quantity and weights
    - Phytosanitary inspection
    - Fumigation of goods in containers
    - Condition of the container your goods are being transported in